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  • Program Management
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  • Training
  • Multiple OEM’s
Program Development
  • Data Collection
  • Program Enhancements
  • System Features
  • Discrepancies Reports
Spend Reporting, Tracking & Validation
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Supplier Assessment
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The following sections highlight our project objectives, approach, and professional staffing, for assisting you with the punch-out and round-trip integration process for direct purchase orders.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION Inputs related to customer satisfaction are obtained through data obtained from many sources, including the perfect-order metric, customer complaint data, customer surveys, and sales calls. Information from these sources is reviewed by our management team and serves as a basis for continual improvement efforts aimed at increasing customer satisfaction.


Our objective is to process parts purchase orders generated by each company’s facilities and return both an immediate acknowledgement that the order was received and a detailed order response when the vendor processes the order(s).


Integrated Systems Design has order-entry systems in place to process customer orders that are received as we upgrade the ISD punch-out purchasing system, by email, telephone, or fax. The customer-service team ensures that the customer’s order requirements are clearly identified, documented, and reviewed upon entry into the computer system. Documented procedures are established and maintained for contract review and to ensure the coordination of these activities.

The review process ensures the essential features of each order, such as quantity, pricing, payment terms and conditions, delivery points, and any special requirements. These features are confirmed and transmitted to the buying team for each facility, who uses the information to fill the order. The record of the review is the order that was entered into the computer system.


Measurements relating to the purchasing ordering system processes include internal audits, the perfect-order metric, compliance-tracking-system performance, and incident investigations. The data obtained from these measurements are used to determine the effectiveness of the purchasing ordering system and identify opportunities for continual improvement of the process.


Documented procedures are maintained and implemented for corrective and preventive action, including all identified incidents and any non-conformances associated with the ordering system. Product and service problems are documented to permit the following:

  •  The review of the unacceptable product or service, including customer incidents
  •  Review of the corrective or preventive action taken
  •  Timely communication back to the customer

Data generated from the perfect order metric, Corrective Action Request data, the perfect-order metric, the Incident Request (ISD) system, and internal audits are analyzed to detect potential problems or trends. These problems are often cross-functional in nature and require the use of a cross-functional or project team to implement solutions and to provide improvement to the ISD system process. Corrective and preventive actions taken are part of the management review to ensure that actions are being carried out and are effective. These actions include the following:

  •  Determination of the cause of the nonconformity
  •  Determination of the need to prevent recurrence
  •  Follow-through to ensure the prevention of recurrence
  •  Implementation of action taken and resulting changes to system procedure

For emergency response purposes the procurement process can be wrapped into four clear steps:

  •  Needs identification
  •  Specify
  •  Sourcing, awarding and placing orders
  •  Vendor to facilitate timely delivery

ISD recognized that the punch-out feature of e-Procurement would be an effective tool for streamlining the ordering and tracking process for your company,  similar to the process that other companies use to operate.


The analysis process depicted below describes a comprehensive and inclusive review process toward long-term effectiveness of Punch-Out organizational structure. It is designed to vet out both organizational structure and approaches for corporate service delivery.