Congratulations as well on the positive feedback from 5th 3rd Bank and John Deere on the effectiveness of the ISD system for their supplier diversity programs.
Director of Supplier Diversity , The Walgreen Company
Fifth Third has invested in a portal and database. The portal allows diverse suppliers to update their certifications and spend, and for Tier One majority companies to input their Tier 2 diverse spend. The service allows fifth Third to easily roll out diversity spend numbers down to the zip code and diverse classification, as various city. state, regional, national, and diverse group type require specific reporting. We reviewed a number of companies providing this service, and found that Integrated Systems Design, was the best. Very few of these companies work with the Financial Industry, so ISD is now one of them.
Senior Vice President, Fifth Third Bank
We needed to be able to verify our First Tier Suppliers’ diverse spending commitment and action, and we were impressed with the ISD Simplified Technology tool that allowed us to find, locate, and contract with a multitude of competent professionals thourghout the country. We can now verify and validate each segment of our inclusion spending program and report on our goals. In ‘real time’ we achieve transparency, and we can view procurement activity and inclusion from business to business. In addition, we can view and can share a database of thousands of potential professional service providers with suppliers and vendors and make selections to suit our business needs. This is probably one of the most important initiative changes by corporate America in the last decade.
Levi Stubbs III, Director of Corporate Development and Diversity Procurement