Spend Reporting
Supplier Diversity Tracking, Monitoring, and Reporting System
January 30, 2021
Diversity Spend Solution
Diversity Spend Reporting, Tracking and Validation
February 22, 2021

Diversity Business Process

The Process of Business Diversity

It is essential to align the diversity process of your organization with its business goals.

Considering the impact of a diversity business process on every benchmark and milestone has the potential to help you reach a vast, more global audience.

Integrated Systems Design, LLC can help you streamline diversity management using the following tools:

System Diversity Management

1. Program Management
2. Outreach
3. Training
4. Multiple OEM's

Supplier Mentoring & Development

1. Strategic Development
2. Sourcing Pipeline
3. Expectations to Tier 1

Program Development

1. Data Collection
2. Program Enhancements
3. System Features
4. Discrepancies Reports

Spend Reporting, Tracking, and Validation

1. Spend Forecasting
2. Spend Reporting
3. Spend Tracking
4. Multiple Locations

Risk Management Reporting and Tracking

1. Supplier External Data
2. Search Access

Supplier Assessment

1. Financial
2. Strategic
3. Operational
4. Audit Reports

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