ISD Supplier Diversity Reporting System

ISD Diversity System PlatformThe ISD system is probably one of the most important initiatives for corporate America in the last decade.

What makes the ISD diversity system platform so unique from the competition is the fact that Tier 2 diverse suppliers can login to our system and ultimately see and confirm the actual dollars reporting on their codes that are being spent.

Protecting Proprietary Data

Given the sensitive nature of the system, highly secret encryption and security measures have been implemented to ensure the privacy of each company’s proprietary information.

Neither of the companies nor any of the other participants in the program will be able to see competitors’ private information.

Diversity System Platform Designed for Business

  • Our system creates a field of auditors for the Prime or corporate customers.
  • The ISD Diversity system is the validation system of new modern business dealings.
  • We have created a transparent tracking system.
  • Our system will allow companies to find and do business with registered diverse companies across all industries.


Benefits for Corporations or Prime Vendors

Utilizing the services of ISD will provide the PRIMES and their first-tier suppliers with credible measurements and a system of checks and balances. 

Working with ISD is an important first step in making our community stronger while maintaining the true intentions of the diversity supplier program

National Diverse Codes

We assign national codes to all existing and future Diversity suppliers who have been certified by a National Certifying organization.

Using a seven-digit number:

  • The first 2 digits identify the state for their main office of certification by the actual certifying location
  • The last 5 digits uniquely identify the company

The National Diverse Code is used for future reporting. Prime tier companies report their diverse spend using these codes for each business supplier.

Diversity suppliers can then verify the company’s spend by Accepting or Rejecting the report using their identifying seven (7) digit number.


ISD Diversity Reporting and Tracking Program

User Account Management and Training


  •         – Up to 10,550 internal system users
  •         – 1,300 – 5,500 reporting prime suppliers
  •          -Training for internal users and prime suppliers


Tier 2 Spend Reporting


  •        -Frequency: semi-annual (As needed)
  •        -Annual Reporting timeline development/management
  •        -Categories of tier 2 spend for reporting

                   * Minority
                   * Women
                   * Veterans
                   * All Others 

  •         Prime supplier data collection (e.g., collection of additional diversity information)


Validation of Tier 2 Data

  •        – Validation of diverse supplier certification

Spend Results Reporting

  •              Categories of spend

                 * Minority
                 * Women
                 * Veterans
                 * All Others

  •        -Commodity Specific Reports 
  •        -Flexible, user-friendly reports
  •        -Supplier non-response follow up
  •        -Search capabilities 

Overall System Requirements

  •           -Web or cloud-based system with mobile access
  •           -Ongoing help desk support