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Integrated Systems Design, Inc. provides a total end-to-end application using our diversity system tool for data classification and validation for your suppliers. ISD is the first company in the United States to develop a national diversity reporting, tracking and validation system a competitive advantage. Your reporting process will reflect that accurate diversity spending is reported and verified; there will be non-duplicated reporting that identities them by company. We can cross-reference all reporting of diversity dollars with each MBE/WBE. Why is this important? It is important because this process ensures the accuracy of reporting and establishes measurement s and accountability.


Integrated Systems Design, Inc. employs a large body of talent whose collective expertise, whose talents encompasses virtually every field of field of study.  We cultivate relationships with highly qualified professionals across all lines of business and we strive to make sure that everything we do lives up to the highest standards. ISD works to develop career paths for our employees by providing cross-training opportunities.  We focus on career mapping which allows our employees to find opportunities within today’s hottest markets while reaping the benefits of our stability. This enables ISD, to provide the best qualified professionals to our clients.


  1. Integrated network support
  2. Managed hardware upgrades and upgrades
  3. Network hardware support
  4. On-site resource allocation
  5. Managed moves
  6. Network Risk Management Reporting
  7. Unified national system for coding


  1. Architecture planning & selection
  2. Asset management
  3. Benefits Analysis
  4. Cost analysis
  5. IT budget planning
  6. Network continuity planning
  7. Network infrastructure audit

Spend Reporting, Tracking and Validation

Integrated Systems Design, Inc., provides a Spend Solution that is second to none. The unique third party verification process is only available using our Spend Solution System. We have automated the entire process of tracking, validating, and evaluating your diversity expenditures. Specifically, we provide the following:

Spend Reporting                                           

Automated Reporting of First Tier Spend                             

Verification of MBE Status                                        

Supplier External Data Search Access                          

Dashboard Reporting                                                        

Buyer Specific Reports                                                       

Commodity Specific Reports                                                
Web-based System                                                             

Data Security Function                                                        

Reporting Compilation and Certification                                

Data Cleaning                                                                     

Central Repository (Tiered data by DBE, Tier 1 and OEM’s)       


Real Time Data Refresh

Trend Analysis

Risk Management Reporting and Tracking

Actual Spend vs. Forecast Spend

MBE Supplier Registration

Supplier Email Notifications
MBE/WBE Expenditures

Disaster Recovery

Data Consistency and Validation  


MBE/WBE Verification of Tiered Expenditures


System Diversity Management

  1. Program Management
  2. Outreach
  3. Training
  4. Multiple OEM’s

Supplier Mentoring & Development             

  1. Strategic Development
  2. Sourcing Pipeline
  3. Expectations to Tier 1

Program Development

  1. Data Collection
  2. Program Enhancements
  3. System Features
  4. Discrepancies Reports

Spend Reporting, Tracking and Validation

  1. Spend Forecasting
  2. Spend Reporting
  3. Spend Tracking
  4. Multiple Locations

Risk Management Reporting and Tracking

  1. Supplier External Data
  2. Search Access

Supplier Assessment

  1. Financial
  2. Strategic
  3. Operational
  4. Audit Reports