Integrated Systems Design: Systems Training Video

Integrated Systems Design offers a national supplier diversity reporting, tracking, and validation system. The ISD national reporting, tracking and validation system works to verify and track diversity expenditures by company, division, and organization. The system provides your organization with accurate and timely reports that will provide senior leadership with the necessary facts to make sound business decisions and plans for the purchase of services and products.

This will enable Diversity categorized suppliers to have the ability to support and strengthen their business relationships with all other diversity suppliers while working together to achieve the company’s mission, vision, and diversity strategy.

It is important to note that all information entered into the ISD system will be handled in a very confidential and discrete manner. The information will only be used to deliver appropriate services and reports for use by Diversity categorized suppliers and your organization. The ongoing objective of ISD is to work in partnership with “Company “to ensure the timely and accurate delivery of Tier 2 diversity reports.